Kingpin [1996]
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“Your act is about as fresh as a Foghat concert.” A down-and-out, one-handed former champion bowler from “Ocelot, Iowa” named “Roy Munson” (Woody Harrelson) becomes a "bowling manager" for Amish bowling prodigy “Ishmael Boorg” (Randy Quaid) in this frequently crude and hilarious road movie from the Farrelly brothers. The film traces all the crazy shit that happens to the duo on their way to the “Odor Eaters Invitational,” a major bowling tournament in Reno, Nevada. Bill Murray practically steals the show as the main antagonist, obnoxious, wild-haired bowling legend “Ernie ‘Big Ern’ McCracken.” The beautiful (and often sarcastic) Vanessa Angel portrays “Claudia,” Ishmael’s “co-manager.” Most disgusting scene? Roy is forced to have sex with his repulsive landlady (Lin Shaye) in order to avoid being homeless: “What is it about good sex that makes me have to crap?”

Useless Trivia: In the final credits of Kingpin, Jill Lytle is listed as the "Odor Eater Babe," while Hank Brandt is referred to as the "Bowling Priest" and Rose Smith-Lotenero is the "Amish Babe."

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